Friday, April 24, 2015

Thank you TTU, Tara Winds, and Kennesaw State!

Many thanks to all the lovely people we met and worked with on our recent visit to Tennessee Tech University and Kennesaw State University, with the Tara Winds Clarinet Choir. Thanks especially to Wonkak Kim and his wife Grace for being extremely generous hosts to us in Tennessee; to John Warren for hosting our concert at Kennesaw State; to Andrea Strauss and Dickson Grimes for doing such fine work leading the Tara Winds Clarinet Choir; and to Jim Benson for spearheading much of the initial organizing of the Tara Winds concert and for hosting us for a night in Georgia. And a hearty thank you of course to all the wonderful students we got to work with, and all the enthusiastic audience members who came to hear us play. Hope to be back again soon!

Friday, March 20, 2015

After many months of hibernation, Sqwonk is about to come out of hiding, welcoming spring with a bevy of appearances in April.

We'll be kicking things off with a performance at the San Carlos Library on April 11th, as part of their Eclectic Music Festival.

Then a few days later we head down to Tennessee where we are very excited to be in residence at Tennessee Tech University for their "Clarinet Day" (really several days) on April 17 and 18. We'll be doing some workshops with the students, performing some classic Sqwonk repertoire, and also playing Jon's Bass Clarinet Double Concerto with Professor Wonkak Kim's clarinet studio. It will be our first time in the Southeast, and we're very much looking forward to it.

Then on April 19th, we pop down to Georgia for another performance of Jon's Bass Clarinet Double Concerto with the Tara Winds Clarinet Choir. Tara Winds have given some excellent performances of several of Jon's other clarinet ensemble compositions, and Sqwonk is delighted to get to perform with them. has more info and helpful links for each of these appearances.

Finally, please enjoy an aural depiction of Sqwonk's impending emergence from hibernation in Jon's composition, ...and the Beast.

Hope to see some of our friends and fans this April!

Love always,